Monday, December 6, 2010

The Hair Down There

We pluck, wax, shave, use lasers, and other forms of abuse in order to get that hair off our bodies.

Forms of hair removal are practiced for reasons including cultural, sexual, medical and religious; and have been practiced in almost all human cultures. Isn't that crazy?

It's a very common thing for women to shave less in the winter, for very obvious reasons. You aren't showing off your legs in the winter, it provides a little extra warmth, and as soon as you shave it will grow back due to goose bumps!

What about the Brazillian wax? That's a lot of pain to endure, but many women withstand it in order to get rid of all pubic hair for their personal preferences.

There are also different ways to style your nether regions. I don't think they had hearts down there during the 1800s.
It's all for personal preference. Many men man-scape their areas, but it is less common for them to go through what women do. Why are we the ones to shave? I guess it would be fairly disturbing for the men to worry about their pokey legs.

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